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Numerous sports fans from across the nation have reached out to us, asking what they can do to help. There is so much that happens every single day that we would need a staff of 20 people to find it all! Lucky for us, refs are human and they are going to RARELY get it right every night. Here are a few ways you can help us! TWITTER Twitter is by far the easiest way to help out. Follow us @RefYouSuck or @UmpYouSuck. If you see a bad call, hashtag it! #refyousuck #umpyousuck We check our Twitter account a few times a day and we re-tweet all of you ref-rants. You can also send us your blog post links or any article about a bad call. FACEBOOK If facebook is your thing, then check out our page here. We always love to get your tips on bad calls and re-post them for you. We also have fan-run pages for specific teams. If you want to help us with a fan page or be an admin for your favorite team, just write us a message on the wall.

Check out our facebook page.

HOT GIRLS? Every guy knows that a hot girl at a game/tailgate party looks even hotter in a Ref You Suck t-shirt! If you think you have what it takes and promise to send us a photo of yourself wearing it, we will send you a free shirt. Send your photo, where you plan to wear the shirt, and why you think you deserve one- to email us Not all applicants will get one but give it a shot! We are also looking for local models for photo shoots. HOSTING A TAILGATE PARTY? We have sponsored a few tailgate parties in the past. If your tailgate party is better than the rest, explain why and we just might hook you up with a bunch of t-shirts! email us
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